How Growthspree is Helping Rocketlane Solve Customer Onboarding Problem For Saas companies

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Rocketlane is purpose built software to accelerate and streamline implementation and customer onboarding

Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Walnut, California
Size: 51-100 employees


"It is a no-brainer that implementation & customer onboarding is big problem for SaaS companies. Rocketlane aims to change that. The mission is to help businesses accelerate time to value and deliver a transparent, consistent, and delightful customer onboarding journey, every single time.

Fueled by the right insights and their experiences on the ground, Rocketlane looks forward to establishing itself as a more powerfuland easiest platform in the industry. No doubt they were ranked the top platform for customer onboarding by G2reviews in the current winter report.

For a collaborative customer onboarding platform like Rocketlane, a delightful collaborative customer experience is non-negotiable. The customer base forms the foundation for the company's graph of growth.

Rocketlane's user lifecycle involves a convenient two-step process of filling up a form and then scheduling a demo or directly booking a call. It became the need of the hour to keep tabs and ensure the KPI targets. It was of utmost importance to meet one of their primary KPIs; the Number of Demos scheduled, and consequently derive strategy to increase it.

Implementation of LinkedIn & Facebook marketing could not sustain much traction for Rocketlane. Spotlight was directed to Demand Generation via Google ads.

Rocketlane is preferred by highly productive teams as they need onboarding assistance from start to end successfully.

We knew their best asset would be a loyal customer spreading a word of how incredible their product is.

We decided to execute Bottom of the Funnel campaigns along with setting up a robust marketing infrastructure.

GrowthSpree sketched a plan to deploy Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads to initiate a targeted approach towards the marketing infrastructure.

It was devised to stick to Google Ads for BOFU campaigns while experimenting with FB and LinkedIn Ads for both kinds of campaigns.

The target location was North America. GrowthSpree gave its approach a go by setting up the marketing infrastructure. Moreover, events were set up through GA and GTM, heatmap, ad account tracking, and pixel integration

Here's how GrowthSpree saved the day!

The campaigns were up and running on all the three platforms.
They were driving traction and GrowthSpree was keen to monitor the dashboards for more effective implementation.


Primary focus via Google was BOFU campaigns.

GrowthSpree got down to business with high intent, relevant keywordsand also competitor based keywords.

The results amazed the team andproved that the efforts were put in the right direction.


LinkedIn gave GrowthSpree a room to experiment with both Bottom Of The Funnel and Top Of The Funnel Campaigns.

TOFU worked favorably well for Rocketlane as it kicked off a CPL of $65.

Moreover, deployment of guides,reports, templates, and morehelped drive downloads, andcapture leads for nurturing.


Facebook campaigns too took off with both BOFU and TOFU campaigns for "Book a Demo" and "Content-Based" campaigns respectively.

We used all the databases that the client had for targeting on FB. The campaigns paid off and worked exceedingly well. Cost Per Qualified Lead for BOFU campaigns reached $45.

Initially, the idea was to rive demos which was not accomplished. However, Rocketlane achieved notable qualified leads which were further pushed to nurturing email drips.

Growthspree also deployed remarketing ads via FB. They payoff a Cost Per Demo Booked of $540



Cost Reduction Per Demo Booked


Growth Inbound Sales MoM


New Customers Reached

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