Konnect Insights ABM Case Study 2023


Konnect Insights is a comprehensive platform that unifies data science, marketing, analytics, and customer experience to ensure a true imagery and projection of the brand.

Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Size: 11-50 employees

  • Unable to crack the North and South American market. Few to no leads for the sales team to make conversations with.
  • Target to capture and increase market share in India vs. top competitors like Social Stuido, Locobuzz, One Direct and more.
  • Primary KPI = Demo bookings and US GTM
  • Outreach Channel =  Email and LinkedIn
  • Geography = North and South America, India, Middle East, Europe, and SEA
  • Email/LinkedIn Seats = 10 (incremental)
  • Time Frame = 4 months

Monthly Breakdown

Month 1:

→ Focus on the Indian market

→ Initial communication experiments and target job titles from specific industries based on Konnect Insight’s current clientele. E.g. Airports, Airlines, Food Delivery Aggregators and Banks.

Month 2:

→ Scale India based on job titles and industries responding to the communication variations.

→ Start outreach in the South American region. Have a low resistant CTA in communication like a Free trial or Free assessment and crack the prospect coming on the call.

Month 3:

→ Constantly scale and create a daily lead flow from India.

→ Scale South America based on job titles and industries responding to the communication variations.

→ Start outreach n North America and other global markets.

Month 4:

→ Constantly scale and create daily lead flow from India and South America.

→ Experiment with North America and acquire market share.

→ Start running ABM ads (on LinkedIn/Google) for North America and top competitors like Social Studio, Sprout Social, Sprinkler, and more.

Month on Month Deep Dive

Month 1

Warming, setups, and India competitor campaigns experimentation

Migrate brands using top 3 Indian competitors - OneDirect, Locobuzz, and Simplify360

  • Seats - 2
  • Unique comp. - 180
  • Unique prospects - 360
  • Replies - 20
  • Interested - 3
  • Pipeline - 2 (Interested conversations lined up for later months)

Create a list of brands using each of the 3 competitors. Research on Twitter and prospecting tools.

Make an extensive list of competitor differentiation points based on client knowledge transfer and by researching reviews left by their customers across various platforms.

Curate emails and LinkedIn drips with context to the problems faced by most brands using the competitor solution and how Konnect Insights is a better alternative.

Here we created the drips addressing the problems the prospect/company is facing rather than a sales drip pitching to them what Konnect Insights can do.

** Do not sell in the email and LinkedIn drips. Rather, address problems the prospect faces and encourage them to jump on a call to discuss them. You can sell on the sales call. Here the only focus is to get the prospect on the first call.  

** Do not scare prospects with a “Book a Demo” CTA. Rather use “*Up to jump on a quick call and discuss the problems faced by you at {{companyname}} while using {{competitor solution}}. In return, I’ll help you with a solution trusted by {{brand 1}}, {{brand 2}}, {{brand 3}}.*”

Month 2

Scale Indian campaigns and start experimenting in the South American market.

Increase the number of calls from the Indian competitor campaigns and start generating interested prospect calls from the Latin America and Brazilian market.

  • Seat - 4 (India = 3, South America = 1)]
  • Unique comp. - 170
  • Unique prospects - 600
  • Replies - 80
  • Interested - 13
  • Pipeline - 9 (Interested conversations lined up for later months)

After testing multiple variations, we identified a winning drip and template for the competitor campaigns in India. We gained insights into the specific problems that resonated with companies for each competitor. To scale our efforts, we increased the number of allocated emails and LinkedIn accounts in India. LinkedIn emerged as the primary channel with high engagement and call bookings. Our strategy involved targeting the job titles that responded the most and subsequently reaching out to other prospects within each company. For the South American campaign, we crafted drips in Spanish and Portuguese to cater to the local audience. These drips included informative emails and problem-solution-based emails, both featuring a Demo call-to-action (CTA).

In the India campaigns, we prioritized job titles that had the highest response rates and reached out to them first for better lead generation. Our LinkedIn connection request notes were kept generic to maximize acceptance rates and ensure our follow-up messages in the drip reached a wider audience. Increasing the number of seats allowed us to expand our outreach and capitalize on the probabilistic nature of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for higher conversions.

For the South American campaigns, we leveraged local language, lingo, and terminologies, positioning our solution as an "All-in-one Community Engagement platform." We observed that the Demo call-to-action was not yielding satisfactory conversion rates and led to high unsubscribes and disinterest. As a result, we introduced a new variation with the CTA of a "Free Assessment of {{companyname}}'s community engagement stack."

Month 3

Create a constant flow of interested calls from the Indian campaign, scale South American campaigns and start the outreach for North America.

Have at least 1 interested call every day from the Indian campaigns and have at least 1 call per week set up from the South American market. Along with this, discover the North American market, understand the competitors (Social Studio and Sprout Social) and start outreach.

  • Seat - 6 (India = 4, South America = 1, North America = 1)
  • Unique comp. - 300
  • Unique prospects - 900
  • Replies - 190
  • Interested - 29
  • Pipeline - 27 (Interested conversations lined up for later months)

We compiled a list of companies and contacts who didn't accept our LinkedIn requests or respond to our emails. With the advantage of a competitor discontinuing a feature, we reached out to prospects who previously showed no interest and converted around 30% into leads. Our new call-to-action in the South America campaign was successful, resulting in 2 calls in month 2 and 10 new calls in month 3. To replicate this success, we planned to scale the variation in month 4. In the North American campaigns, we conducted competitor research and started outreach with a new communication approach. Taking cues from the South American audience, we also used the Free Assessment communication in North America.

Reconnecting with companies/ contacts after 2-3 months can help in boosting conversion results. With time people’s requirements keep changing. If you reach out to them when they are evaluating options to switch, you can win the deal.

Capitalizing on market situations is a game changer.

A soft CTA works better than a high-commitment CTA while cold outreach in the American markets. Give people value to connect with you and give their time rather than make direct sales. Once the first conversation strikes, selling a product is easy.

Month 4

Create a constant flow of interested calls from the Indian campaign and South American campaigns. Start receiving calls from the North American market and run ABM ads in North America.

Have at least 1 interested call every day from the Indian campaigns and have at least 3 calls per week set up from the South American market. Have 2 calls from North America in the month.

  • Seat - 10 (India = 4, South America = 1, North America = 5)
  • Unique comp. - 1400
  • Unique prospects - 6000
  • Replies - 375
  • Interested - 54
  • Pipeline - 47 (Interested conversations lined up for later months)

We picked a new competitor and added it to the list for the India campaign.We activated a LinkedIn seat for South American campaigns. Earlier, we only had one email.North American campaigns starting to work as per hypothesis. Prospects were willing to jump on a free assessment call. We started scaling the campaigns gradually.


Total Interested Calls
Total pipeline conversation to happen in the next 1-2 quarters
15 Cr. - 18 Cr.
Average Revenue Pipeline

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