How GrowthSpree Helped ClearTax Understand & Develop Their Target Market

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ClearTax is a Tax & Investing platform that simplifies financial lives for Indians.

Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
Size: 251-500 employees

Problem Statement

Leads were pushed directly to CRM and it didn’t have the context/engagement data so that SDR could focus on important leads rather than all leads.

Marketing team was struggling with the attribution of opportunities and revenue tied to them as the TG was a smaller one and most of the people in the TG were already present in their CRM, so they were struggling to find out the impact they have created on already existing prospects and measure the success effectively.


CRM evaluation

We evaluated multiple CRMs with these problem statements in mind like Pardot, Zoho, Hubspot etc. and then finalised on Hubspot as the sales team were already working onSFDC and Hubspot has a native integration with SFDC.


With Hubspot we were able to use workflows and marketing attribution was also achieved for already present prospects. We were also able to pass on this information to accounts andopportunities using custom workflows so marketing would be attributed for their efforts.

Lead scoring mechanism

We also devised a lead scoring mechanism to pass the lead intent information to sales teambasis previous data and attribute and this was set-up in Hubspot attributes were source ofthe lead, company size, email domain, revenue , interactions on website, Interaction oncontent efforts i.e. email/ whatsapp/ sms.



  • Organic
  • Adwords
  • Social
  • E-mail
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • MIS

Lead Attribute (Taken from Customer)

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Designation
  • ERP

Hubspot Database Structure

  • Contact
  • Account(Needs Unique Identifier)
  • Opportunity


  • Web RAD fill
  • Website Sign-ups
  • Wbinar reg
  • Chatbot forms
  • Linkedin Inmail
  • Social Form Fill
  • Whtppr Download
  • Event Reg

Lead Generation source

  • Product pages
  • Blob Pages
  • Homepage
  • Sign-up pages
  • Contact-us
  • Whitepaper Pages
  • Social media
  • Chatbot applicaiton
  • Hotline
  • Demio Application
  • Event Pages

Product Sign Up Flow

Marketing Attribution

Lead Reminder Notification

Calling Status-Email Drips

Did not pick-up or Not Connected

Start an email drip talking about “We tried to reach you, book a class with us”. Create a task for calling again after 3 days

Remove Lead

Demo schedule

Check if in Demo Drip

If it's there do nothing, else add to Demo Drip

Callback again

Create task to Remind for Call back


Update in DB

Email sent


Start an email drip with 9 ouch point or till deal closed talking about benefits, USPs, Comparisons etc. for user nurturing

Invalid phone number

Start an email drip to confirm the phone number

Junk - do not call


Language barrier

Not interested

Start an email drip with 9 touchpoints, talking about the features, benifits, USPs


Emails Sent
Open Rate
Click Rate
Calls Booked

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