How Humour Can Help B2B Marketers Connect With Their Audience?

What grinds a content marketer’s gears:

  • “Communication is too bold for the client’s taste.”

  • “Do not use sarcasm; communication goes way off.”

  • “There is a grammatical mistake (hell yeah, I did it on purpose).”

  • “No witty content, please. We want on-point communication.”
    - client.

And my favourite: 

  • “ You do not have approval from the legal and the HR."

    I always thought if there were ever something called the world’s first content marketing joke, it would be something like:

A Content Marketer, a Lawyer and HR walked into the bar… 

and the content marketer left with the approvals from both.

If you work in content, you are probably under the immense pressure of your bosses to level your content game up. Make it more engaging. And crisp.

Well… surely adding humour can help notch up the game from the vanilla content strategy. It has probably already crossed your mind, or you are already adding humour to your content mix.

Anyway, all managers are game for humour until…..

{ {Yeah,  ^ something is probably off in your humour if this is happening} }

Anyway, sharing the top 5 humour strategies that B2B SaaS brands should REALLY start incorporating into their content strategy.

The wordplay

Is anybody selling a one-night stand?

Words have so much power that you can sell your offerings simultaneously while telling a joke.

Build a band - What better way to kill competition than by disrupting own competitor paid search ads?

Zendesk Alternative was born – a fictional Seattle-based punk rock band created by Zendesk that ranked their landing page at the top of Google searches for anyone looking for Zendesk alternatives- dedication and manhours are strong on this one.

{ { ^ Quite some dedication to tell their competitors to f**k off.} }

Ain’t nobody better than me - nuh ah.

This ^ is what Canva probably felt when blocking their competitors from running any google ads on them.

Are you DOOHing (humour) it right? - Email wordplay

This is a personal favourite from the depths of our GrowthSpree repository. 

The content war on social media platforms. - Tw is hot.

Tis’ the cricketing season; let words flow because it does not take us much to pick up on trends and topicals and create content around it. 



Well, no matter if you work for B2B or B2C or D2C or whatever three-letter abbreviations exist in this universe. Let us agree humour is a universal language. The sooner you learn to integrate humour into your content, you will realise:

  1. Your reach is increasing.

  2. Boost in brand awareness

  3. Boost in engagements.

  4. Customers are becoming your loyal fans!

  5. Who are then laughing at your content and throwing money at you.

  6. Revenue = 10x?? (I couldn’t help adding this, a sucker for B2B content)

The sooner B2B SaaS brands realise how powerful humour can be as a weapon for marketing and sales, the sooner they will start observing how drastically the friction decreases and how much easier it becomes for them to nurture leads and take them down the good ole’ marketing funnel.

P.S - Just another day, me asking my team to experiment with the memes in B2B SaaS:

You've still got to make sure that the humour is on point because Funny Rhymes With Money.